A Colorful Road 3 Generations Long

First Generation Formulas

Da Vinci Paint Company's original oil paint formulas were developed in Padova Italy more than 90 years ago by Marcello Dworzak. He was a young Italian chemist and amateur artist working in a small factory making artists' colors. In his early twenties, his love for adventure led him to embark on a one-way trip to Lima Peru, a country completely foreign to him.

In Peru, Marcello initially worked in a paint shop fixing hundreds of gallons of house paints which had coagulated. Later he worked for an industrial paint manufacturer who would ultimately make him head of his R&D team and provide him the tools with which to continue his dream of developing premium artists' paints.

It wasn't long before artists in the city recognized the quality and value in Marcello's oil paint formulas. The success with his work allowed him to open an art store and to eventually purchase the paint factory which provided him a new world opportunity. 

Second Generation Formulas

In 1958, Marcello's son, Rudolph, continued his father's legacy. In 1975, like his dad, he embarked on a one-way adventure, which took him from Peru to southern California. There he established Da Vinci Paint Co., named after the artist and innovator he and his father admired. 

Rudolph followed his father's "Quality First" philosophy and worked to ensure that the formulas retained their high quality while offering artists an affordable price. This is the foundation which slowly earned Da Vinci Paint Co. the trust of thousands of artists. 

Access to world class raw materials and his passion for R&D inspired Rudolph to develop premium watercolor, acrylic and gouache paint formulas. At the time,  professional watercolor paints and gouache were sold in 5 and 14mL tubes and priced above what many artists could afford. Always seeking innovation, Rudolph filled Da Vinci's Watercolor and Gouache paints into 37mL tubes and sold them at the same price as the competitor's smaller 14mL size. This established an entirely new standard for value in the world of watercolors. Rudolph also forever changed the art industry when he developed Permanent Alizarin Crimson, a popular color that was traditionally made with an unreliable pigment that faded. In 1995, Da Vinci was the only brand offering Permanent Alizarin Crimson watercolor and was the only one to receive a 4 out of 4 star review in the Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolors. Most recently, Rudolph formulated Da Vinci's Fast Dry Alkyd Oil paints which were developed to mimic the desired characteristics of traditional oil paints while reducing the extended drying time.

Third Generation Formulas

Today, I am the proud 3rd generation keeper of Da Vinci's premium formulas. I have worked with our proprietary process and ingredients for more than 35 years, starting on the mill at an early age. We continue to follow a "Quality First" philosophy and regularly evaluate materials, fine tune our formulas and develop improved methods that maximize the unique characteristics of our paints. 

In 2006, we reformulated Da Vinci's Watercolor base formula to allow for 15% more pigment and better performance. Our current watercolor formulas are ideal to use straight from the tube or in pans. They will not crack when filled in pans and have outstanding rewetting properties.  Da Vinci Watercolors are consumer rated 4-5 stars for quality and our 37mL tube price is still comparable to the competitor's smaller 14mL size, making Da Vinci Watercolors the best value in professional paints.  Da Vinci Acrylic and Oil paints are also highly rated. 

We introduced our Creative Juices and FREEDOM brands in 2016, as part of our Positive Impact Program, to encourage more creativity in our communities. These new products reduce the intimidation of making art and empower people with the basic knowledge of color mixing and painting - they build confidence through creativity. If you have used Da Vinci paints in the past 4 years, you have helped this program fund 2400+ low-income high school students of which most have continued onto college - thank you.  

Ultimately, our colors represent who we are and what we do. We immerse ourselves in preparing the perfect batches of color every day, so you too can have the full freedom of artistic expression without compromise. 

We hope you enjoy using our colors as much as we enjoy making them.