One-way ticket from Padova...

Over 90 years ago, a young Italian chemist and amateur artist named Marcello Dworzak was working in a small factory making paints. He was living in Padova, Italy (also known as Padua to Shakespeare fans), but his dreams would ultimately lead him to take the adventure of a lifetime.

Purchasing a one-way ticket to Lima, Peru, a country he had never visited before, he took a job in a paint shop. His work was primarily to fix hundreds of gallons of house paint that had coagulated. After this, he worked for an industrial paint manufacturer and eventually led the Research & Development team. While the chemist inside him worked diligently to produce the perfect formulas, the artist inside him continued to experiment, create, and innovate.

Before long, local oil painters began to realize the quality and value of Marcello’s unique artists' paint formulas. Fueled by this positive feedback and a dream that just wouldn’t be ignored, he next opened a successful art store, earning enough money to eventually purchase the factory.

Challenging the norm...

Years later, Marcello’s son, Rodolfo would continue his father’s legacy. And, like father like son, he also had a spirit of adventure. This time, a ticket was purchased from Peru to southern California and Da Vinci Paint Co. was established in 1975. The name for the company was in honor of the Italian artist, scientist, and innovator that he and his father had both admired most.

Of all the lessons he had learned from working with his father, there was always one lesson that Rodolfo would never forget. Provide “Quality First” in everything you make and find ways to deliver exceptional products at prices artists can afford. This simple philosophy combined with access to world-class raw materials was the foundation of Da Vinci Paint Co., earning the trust of thousands of artists.

Never content with the status quo, Rodolfo tried the unthinkable. At the time, the best value in artists' watercolors was sold in 14ml tubes, something the industry decided was standard. With a defiance that was rather like da Vinci himself, Rodolfo chose to challenge the norm by more than doubling the size of his watercolor and gouache tubes to 37ml and selling them at the same price as the competitor’s smaller tubes. This innovation, along with developing the first Permanent Alizarin Crimson, and a host of others would change the face of the art industry and provide better tools for artists.

Great paint & more...

Today, Da Vinci is led by Marcello. Like his grandfather and father, he continues a “Quality First” approach combined with his own spirit of adventure. Da Vinci today is great paint and more.

Da Vinci is a culture of perpetual innovation. It’s time-tested and reliable formulas, passionately made with the best pigments and ingredients on earth. The vibrant color you expect with every squeeze of a tube. Paint for all who need to create…for fun or to make a living.

Da Vinci is a smart buy. A deal that causes excitement… and hoarding. It’s an invitation to paint with FREEDOM™ and a Creative Juices™ kit to encourage creativity. Da Vinci is community outreach that empowers over 600 aspiring teen artists every year. It’s a celebration of your perfectly “imperfect” artwork and a celebration of masterpieces that awe and inspire. Da Vinci is an online gallery and a community of people who prefer pure and honest talk without all that industry jargon.

Da Vinci is a world of color handmade in California and a reason to have more than 400 favorite colors.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. We’d love to see what you’ve made and invite you to share your #DaVinciMoment.